Load Cell Brake Mod for Thrustmaster T3PA Pro and T500RS Pedal Sets


Immerse yourself even more in your favourite racing titles, swap out the standard rubber conical brake mod for a Load cell mod. Completely plug and play, no need to open up your pedal set and retains the warranty with Thrustmaster.


Multi-platform so will work with Xbox, PlayStation or PC. Works in both GT and F1 pedal positions!


So what is a load cell?? A load cell is a device made for measuring pressure or weight.


So how will that help?? Brake inputs will now be made via the amount of pressure applied to the brake pedal (like a real car) rather than where the pedal is positioned (potentiometer).


It’s much easier to remember muscle memory rather than position memory of the brake pedal when racing, this equals faster and more consistent lap times, reducing unforced errors and lock ups. If you are use to the standard rubber conical brake mod it will take an evening or two to adjust to this new set up, when you start to hook it all together you will wonder just how it was possible before!


This load cell brake mod will fit steering wheel bases that except the T3PA add-on pedal set this includes the TX, T300, T500 TMX and TS-PC + many more


Your pedals will need to be securely mounted to work at its best, just as the standard conical brake mod does.


This model is for T3PA Pro and T500RS pedals only, non pro pedal version also available.


What weight load cell do I choose?? We usually recommend the 20kg version. This suits most of our customers set ups best. If you usually play GT Sport you may wish to choose the 10kg version. Due to the auto calibration feature in this game the 20kg version can feel a little on the heavy side.


Includes all parts for fitting (bolts, washers and cable). T3PA Pro pedals not included. 


The full video instructions can be seen at this link to help with installation. Video Guides

Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Load Cell Brake Mod

  • All load cell mods will now include our new stealth black enclosures!

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